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Tree Services

We’re privileged to offer tree removal, trimming, and planting in addition to land clearing services and storm cleanup. Many times, these tasks are exhausting, time-consuming, and dangerous, so rest easy and let our team of experts handle the tough jobs. We have the skill, manpower, and equipment to provide unbeatable services at affordable prices.

Tree Service Salem Oregon

Tree Removal & Storm Cleanup

Our team is able to safely remove trees of all sizes, regardless of their current condition or location in your yard or property. From homes to businesses, our tree removal professionals have the skill to give your property a beautiful facelift.

Our crews are also ready to assist with storm cleanup of trees and downed branches in the aftermath of storms.

Tree Pruning & Maintenance Salem Oregon

Tree Pruning & Maintenance

It is important to prune and trim your trees regularly for overall health. Over time, dry, dead, or diseased limbs can develop, and they will need pruning and cutting to prevent these parts from infecting other trees, stifling its growth, or falling. You’ll need the services of tree experts to ensure that they are periodically checked and well-maintained.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Stumps can be unsightly and pose a hazard when mowing the lawn, doing landscaping projects, or when the children are playing in the yard. The only way of getting rid of it is through professional stump removal or grinding. We have the skill, workforce, and equipment to get this job done right.

Stump grinding is a different method to stump removal. This method involves shaving the tree trunk to an inch or more below the soil. Most homeowners choose this process because it’s more cost-effective and faster.

Planting & Relocation

Planting & Relocation

We understand that plants and trees are a big part of your landscape and outdoors. They don’t just provide beauty but also give much-needed shade while improving the air quality around you. It’s essential to plant the right plant species at the correct place for them to flourish. If you need the services of specialists in this field, we are the people to call. We plant, move, and relocate your precious plants and trees with great care, safely, and successfully.

Land and Lot Clearing

Land/Lot Clearing

Clearing your lot and land is vital when you plan to construct or use your land. Trees Plus Northwest provides a timely and effective land and lot clearing service from removing trees, bushes, shrubs, and other obstructions to ensuring your site is ready for use on time.

Tree Herbicide Treatment

Tree Herbicide

The tree herbicide, otherwise known as “weed-killer,” is an essential part of keeping your plants and trees healthy. The process of using tree herbicides entails the help of an experienced and knowledgeable tree care team. With our many years of experience and vast knowledge in tree herbicide, we can ensure the job gets done correctly.

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Tree Service Salem Oregon

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